17 Horror Movies We Expect to Rattle Us in 2024

Navigating the unpredictable realm of horror cinema can be an enigmatic endeavor. As each year commences, the landscape appears chaotic and disordered. However, as months progress, the true masterpieces of horror begin to crystallize. Occasionally, unanticipated films captivate audiences and ascend to stardom, exemplified by 2023’s sensation, M3GAN.

Alternatively, we witness the resurrection of classic franchises, such as the 2022 revival of Scream, followed by its 2023 successor, Scream VI. The capricious nature of audience preferences leaves much to serendipity, making it impossible to predict which films will capture their hearts.

While the surprises of this year remain a mystery, speculating about the upcoming releases is always an enjoyable endeavor. The year 2024 boasts a plethora of noteworthy and thrilling films, from “Lisa Frankenstein” debuting in February to “Nosferatu” closing out the year. Anticipation builds around hopeful reboots like “The Crow,” intriguing prequels such as “A Quiet Place: Day One” and “Alien: Romulus,” and English-language remakes like “Speak No Evil.”

Although the prospect of numerous re-imaginings may seem uninspiring, it’s fascinating to observe how various directors reinterpret established works and infuse them with their unique vision. Success in these endeavors could herald the advent of entirely new series of films.

Whether you’re thrilled about horror-comedies or crave a genuinely chilling experience, 2024 has a film for you. Horror enthusiasts have a wealth of cinematic offerings to anticipate throughout the year. Here are the most significant and exhilarating horror movies set to premiere in 2024.

1) Lisa Frankenstein

Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse headline this horror comedy about a goth girl who brings a corpse back to life, aiming to transform him into her ideal man in every conceivable way.

2) Immaculate

Sydney Sweeney’s upcoming major release is “Immaculate.” The star of “Euphoria” and “Anyone But You” portrays a woman who is newly welcomed into a convent in the Italian countryside. However, she soon discovers that her new home harbors far more sinister secrets than she ever anticipated.

3) Late Night With the Devil

This 2023 Sundance release is finally hitting theaters near you. David Dastmalchian (The Suicide Squad) stars as a 1970s TV talk show host in this found footage horror film. On Halloween night, a guest segment with a parapsychologist takes a terrifying turn when she introduces the subject of her book, a girl who survived the mass suicide of a Satanic church.

4) Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire

While it might not be traditional horror, Godzilla and Kong, two iconic monsters, are teaming up in this forthcoming action film. Following the success of “Godzilla vs. Kong” and the Apple TV+ series “Monarch,” Warner Bros. returns with another installment in the MonsterVerse franchise. Starring Rebecca Hall, Bryan Tyree Henry, Dan Stevens, and Kaylee Hottle, this film promises to be an exciting addition to the series.

5) Presence

Steven Soderbergh returns with an intriguing psychological horror film featuring Lucy Liu, Julia Fox, and Chris Sullivan. While plot details remain scarce, the story seems to follow the classic premise of a family moving into a new home only to discover they are not alone.

6)  In a Violent Nature

This slasher promises to be a hit for fans of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre.” The film centers on a serial killer who hunts a group of teenagers in the Ontario wilderness. Although the release date is not yet announced as it’s a Sundance release, more information about the film is expected later this year.

7) Longlegs

Nicolas Cage excels at portraying eccentric characters, and “Longlegs” is no exception. Directed by Oz Perkins (son of Anthony Perkins), the film stars Maika Monroe (from “It Follows”) as an FBI agent who discovers a personal connection to a ruthless serial killer, played by Cage. She must work to stop his next murder. NEON has already released several engrossing and chilling teasers for the film.

8) The Crow

Bill Skarsgård is set to star in a reboot of “The Crow,” alongside musician FKA Twigs. The film follows the story of a murdered musician who is resurrected to seek vengeance for his own death and that of his fiancée.

9) Cuckoo

Despite high expectations for Hunter Schafer’s “Cuckoo” to premiere in 2023, it seems likely that the film will hit screens in 2024. According to Bloody Disgusting, a theatrical release is scheduled for May! While the plot remains shrouded in mystery, a trailer has been released, hinting at a strange and possibly gruesome narrative.

10) The Watchers

“The Watchers” marks the directorial debut of Ishana Shyamalan (daughter of M. Night Shyamalan), with Dakota Fanning in the lead role. The film follows a woman who becomes stranded in a mysterious forest in Ireland. While navigating the terrain, she encounters three other individuals, all of whom are hunted by enigmatic creatures during the night.

11) A Quiet Place: Day One

For fans of the A Quiet Place franchise, this spin-off film is sure to delight. Starring Lupita Nyong’o, Joseph Quinn, and others, the movie will act as a prequel, delving into the origins of the world’s eerie and menacing creatures. Directed by Michael Sarnoski, known for Pig, our expectations are sky-high for this one.

12) Speak No Evil

James McAvoy, Mackenzie Davis, and Scoot McNairy star in this American remake of a 2022 Danish psychological horror film. It follows a family who meets another on vacation, and soon after receives an invitation to stay in a remote house with them. As both families get to know one another, it becomes clear they don’t know each other nearly as well as they thought.

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