“5 o’clock in the morning in front of the Algerian Consulate”

Algerians in France:

Consulate of Algeria in France / by The Artophix / Adobe Stock for VIVA – Visa & Travel

whether they are installed France or elsewhere, Algerians living abroad often remain very attached to their country of origin. However, an attachment comes up against various obstacles in France.

Immigration deputy Abdelouahab Yagouabi underlined this Interview Provided to TSA Algeria site. According to the representative of the Algerian people in Zone 1, covering the north and east of Paris, France, members of the diaspora face a number of “structural” problems.

Algerian Consulate in France: According to a deputy, migrants suffer from many problems

The MP first mentioned the reception conditions in the consulates of French cities with large Algerian communities, such as “Nanterre, Créteil and Lille”, in front of which Algerians wait “from 5 in the morning to 9 in the morning” to be able to produce We do. A simple document, condemning the deputy.

The MP estimates that this large influx, which is a real test in the eyes of Algerians in France, could nevertheless be easily “reduced by two thirds”, and this, in order to present a better solution for Algerians abroad. This can be done by canceling the requirement. Passport To enter the national territory.

“Algeria is the only country in the world whose citizens have to undergo this treatment,” the MP condemned, adding that “until 2016, Algerians could enter Algeria upon simple presentation of a national identity card.”

Apart from the passport, the MP also proposed to index the validity of the consular registration card with that of the passport or identity card so that it remains valid for 10 years instead of 5 years, which would also reduce the pressure on the consular administration.

The MP assured that he was not blaming diplomats or consular agents, but rather the government “which does not provide the necessary means and which remains steadfast in the face of our proposals aimed at improving reception conditions”.

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