5 things to know before booking for summer 2024

Algeria Ferries: 5 things to know before booking for summer 2024

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Are you planning your next summer vacation in Algeria? Why not choose a boat trip? shipping company for Algeria Ferries As every year, it has launched its program for the summer of 2024, as well as the necessary arrangements for the voyage through a fleet strengthened by the charter of two new ships.

1- When does reservation open for summer?

According to the latest press releases of Algerie Ferries on various social networks, it has been possible to book from France and Spain since March 25 due to the launch of the new platform. Reservation In anticipation of the arrival of summer season.

2- Ports serving Algeria and Europe:

You can travel on Algerie ferries from the ports of Algiers, Bejaia, Skikda, Annaba, Mostaganem and Oran.

The European ports served are: Marseille and Sète for France, Alicante and Barcelona for Spain. In 2023, Algerie Ferries served Scicada to Genoa in Italy.

3- Algeria Ferries Fleet: 6 ships

Planning approximately 300 crossings for the summer of 2024 alone, the company Algerie Ferries currently offers service to the ports of France, Spain and Italy thanks to a fleet composed of 6 vessels, whose maintenance and services are provided by a staff of approximately 1,340 people. Are done. Categories combined.

Each ferry is equipped with first and second class cabins and berths, economy class seats and features to optimize passenger comfort. Restaurants and cafeterias, duty free shops, relaxation lounges and relaxation areas…

The Company carries out ongoing maintenance of each yacht to enable the fleet to remain in service at all times.

I – Tariq Ibn Ziyad:

In service since 1995, the ferry has a capacity of 1,276 passengers, including 500 seats for economy class and can accommodate 500 vehicles on two levels.

II – Tassili II:

The ferry, which is more than 146 meters long, has a capacity of 1,320 passengers including 600 economy seats and can accommodate 300 vehicles manned by a crew of about 120 people.

III – El Jazair II:

In service since 2005, El Jazair II has a capacity of 1,320 passengers, including 600 economy class seats and can accommodate up to 300 vehicles. It has well designed spaces like all other ghats, with delicious restaurants and relaxation lounges with all the necessary facilities.

IV – Badji Mokhtar 3:

Capacity for 1800 passengers and capable of carrying approximately 600 vehicles on two levels.

A luxurious ferry with 12 decks for an area of ​​more than 20,000 square meters, it is the latest acquisition of Alger Ferries, and the result of close cooperation between Algeria and China, delivered to the shores of Algiers on August 5, 2021.

Its acquisition was made in anticipation of the resumption of sea travel after the health crisis, in order to ensure the availability of the crossing following the strong demand of Algerian migrants, which was blocked almost everywhere in Europe during a long period.

V – The Moby Dada:

First commissioned in 1981, the ship had several names and ran under different flags before being chartered by Algerie Ferries from the Italian Moby in 2024. This ferry has a capacity of 1,650 passengers and 450 cars. It also has 13 decks which house several cafeterias, bars and restaurants. The ship also has about 600 cabins.

VI – Ariadne

This is the second ship to be chartered by Algerie Ferries in 2024 to ensure the summer season. It arrived at the port of Algiers on 22 March, with the aim of ensuring its first crossing between Algiers and Marseilles on 24 March. This Greek ship, commissioned in 1996, has a capacity of 2,045 passengers and 560 vehicles. It has 11 decks with more than 450 cabins, not including restaurants and cafeterias.

4- How to book? Algeria agencies, website:

Are you planning your next crossing? It is possible to book directly on the official Algerie Ferries website: https://=afs.algerieferries.dz/booking,

Since the flow is sometimes quite high, especially when the summer season arrives, it may be difficult for you to book directly on the company’s website, however, you can make your reservation on other specialized websites; https://www.aferry.com/fr-fr/algerie-ferries/ Or https://www.directferries.fr/

If you live in Algeria or in a big French city like Paris, Marseille, Lille and Lyon, the easiest way would be to go directly to the agency. You can find your nearest agency on the Algerie Ferries website.

5- How to contact Algeria Ferries:

For your next reservation or request for information, it is better to go directly to your nearest Algeria Ferries agency, which you can find through a quick search on the company’s website.

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