A 2 billion euro investment, a park that doubles its surface area and changes its name… Welcome to the Disneyland Paris of the new age

A new generation’s favorite Walt Disney Studios park is expanding and changing its name.

The famous park, which is undergoing a profound transformation, announces major new features, partly dedicated to the World Ice Queen,

Mickey fans know this scenario by heart. when they go Disneyland ParisThey have a choice between two worlds: the historic Disneyland park, which is often more suitable for families with young children, and the Walt Disney Studios park, a favorite of new generations.

Originally, the latter offered a behind-the-scenes exploration of cinema and animation. Later he turned more and more towards thrill rides with some roller coster Mind-bending, like The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror and Crush Coaster. This Friday, April 12, marks the 32nd anniversary of Disneyland Paris, the renaming of the same park inaugurated in 2002, starting a new chapter in its history. Welcome to Disney Adventure World!

The announcement was made in front of a thousand fans and members of the Disneyland Paris team. This change of identity goes hand in hand with the intensive development of this second park. the latter will know “A complete transformation as well as an unprecedented expansion”, Disneyland Paris announced. Once the project is completed the park will almost double in size. It intends to invest in several new locations to create new immersive experiences. Over 90% of the new Disney Adventure World will have been remodelled. The objective: to have visitors stay not just for a few hours, but the whole day.

“The World of Frozen”, Kingdom of Ice Queen

brand new place frozen world Scenes from the Frozen films will immerse audiences in the world of Arendelle.

,We are in the process of developing the narrative style of Walt Disney Studios Park. Till now the audience got a chance to see behind the scenes of the shooting of the film. From now on, they will be invited to celebrate the great Disney franchise and embark on an adventurous journey in the middle of the immersive world. Tom Fitzgerald, creative director of Disneyland Paris, said in a press release. ,This name change will come into effect from the moment it opens. land The Snow Queen, inspired by the World of Frozen, represents a symbolic renewal for this new era that promises to be exhilarating”, Natacha Rafalski, president of Disneyland Paris, explained.

The world of Arendelle, dedicated to the new universe frozen world It will be bordered by Adventure Bay, 70,000 meter water body3 Where a huge aquatic show will be organized. These significant developments are part of a huge investment campaign by Disneyland Paris, estimated at 2 billion euros.

a titanic construction site

Walt Disney Imagineering teams are working on the new world of Frozen Space. Here, a view of the future Adventure Bay water body.
Sylvain Bechedisney

The construction site for the huge leisure complex doesn’t stop there. In the entertainment space, both parks have decided to think bigger. Two new shows will be introduced, including a major music show launched in the spring. Alice and the Queen of Hearts: Return to Wonderland, Between fall 2024 and spring 2025, young and old will be able to discover a new immersive experience at Avengers Campus, combining projections, music and special effects. Disney Village will also be getting a facelift with the opening of restaurants and shops and improvements to the exterior. Surprises are also expected in the boutique sector with two new concepts…

The hotel offer will also evolve. Lovers of the Western atmosphere will be delighted: all the bungalows at Disney’s Davy Crockett Ranch, which allow you to stay in forest bungalows, will be gradually replaced this year. So many projects that will surprise fans of the magical world of Disney.

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