A cabin crew member feels unwell, the plane makes an emergency landing

Royal Air Maroc: A member of the cabin crew feels unwell, the plane is immediately landed

A ram plane. Image by: JackF – Stock.adobe.com

Easter weekend was eventful Royal Air Morocco and Ryanair: Two airline planes had to make an emergency landing due to incidents on board. Rest assured, it’s nothing serious, even if the passengers felt a little scared at the time. We uncover everything for you.

Royal Air Maroc flight inconvenience

According to Moroccan media Le360, A RAM plane departing from Casablanca and bound for New York was diverted on the night of 1 April. The plane, a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, had to make an emergency landing on the Portuguese island of Terceira in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

The Royal Air Maroc flight departed from Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca at 6:15 pm this Monday, April 1, only to be diverted to Terceira three hours later. The pilot took this drastic decision when the health of a cabin crew member fell ill.

Ryanair plane makes emergency landing in Morocco

As for Ryanair, the low-cost airline also experienced an emergency change in one of its flight plans As reported by the site Bladi.net. One of its Boeing 737s bound for Agadir from London had to make an emergency landing at Mohammed V Airport in Casablanca, Morocco.

However, it seemed that the flight was on its way to its final destination, the city of Agadir. However, the captain declared a state of emergency close to Moroccan airspace. He asked for permission to land at the nearest airport.

No details were given about the reason that led to the emergency landing of this Ryanair plane. But the incident joins several other incidents involving Boeing 737s that are causing concern to the aviation sector, as Bladi.net reports.

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