A client is shocked by the state of the Paris agency

Algeria ferry reservation: a customer shocked by the situation of the Paris agency

An Algerian ferry ship at the port of Algiers / by Hamdi-Bendali-stock.adobe.com for VVA – Visas and Trips

since the company Algeria Ferries Algerian travelers continue to face trouble in France, after announcing the opening of reservations for its 2024 summer event.

Officially, the Algerian public shipping company has commercial agencies in several large French cities: Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Lille…but for customers things are far from simple.

When Official Booking Website The shipping company ENMTV-Algerie Ferries is experiencing failures online, customers, who want to book directly at the agency, confirm that they still cannot buy their tickets to Algeria.

According to the Lyon agency, tickets will not be available for the months of July and August A customer’s testimonial,

At the Paris agency, this is another problem that clients have discovered. He made a major statement this Monday, April 8, and called on the President of the Republic to intervene to put an end to what he described as “”. disguise ,

A traveler films the dilapidated condition of the Algeria ferry agency in Paris

, We came to book our tickets, but found the agency in a dilapidated condition », an Algerian in France said in a video shared on Facebook, which was filmed in front of the Algeria Ferry Agency in Paris.

In the images, we can actually see that the agency is not operational, but still keeps its doors open. The author of the video was also able to access the interior of the agency, which was shrouded in darkness. There is no employee present in the agency.

According to his testimony, the agency ” in dilapidated condition “. one more passenger A person present at the complex looking for boat tickets says that whenever he comes, he finds the agency in the same condition. , No one answers even when calling the displayed numbers », he testifies.

“Tickets are resold on the black market.”

These Algerians in France explain that they were unable to book on the company’s official website, which prompted them to go to this agency. But in the situation they found him, he had to travel hundreds of kilometers just to get to other agencies, especially Lille.

had to face it Situation., this Algerian from France, who is just looking to buy a ticket to reach the country this summer, is launching an appeal to the President of the Republic. , You need to come forward and start investigating this agency », he announced to the President.

Even more serious. He says that, despite the unavailability of tickets from this agency, “ People resell tickets in the cafeteria for 300 or 400 euros more than the ticket price. I have their numbers and I take full responsibility for what I say “, he declares.

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