A foreign tourist filming the Ramadan atmosphere in Algeria

A foreign tourist filming the Ramadan atmosphere in Algeria

Ramadan Atmosphere / By Nurse / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa & Travel

While some people see it as a hindrance to tourist travelers Ramadan This is an unforgettable opportunity for other travelers to discover another side of Algeria.

This is especially the case for a Belarusian tourist who assures that the month of Ramadan ” Definitely one of the best times of the year ” In Algeria. The arrival of Ramadan, already present in the country before the holy month, did not inspire this tourist to shorten his stay, but on the contrary.

Ramadan in Algeria: quiet streets conducive to leisurely strolls

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In a video that she posted on her TikTok channel, we see that she spent her Ramadan days and evenings wandering through the labyrinths of the capital, Algiers, and filming the atmosphere there during this holy month.

During the day, she takes photographs of quiet streets, which obviously give her the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the city, its bay, its buildings, but also its cats.

As the time of breaking the fast approaches, the city, which has become even quieter, starts lighting up with various lamps announcing a beautiful sunset and lively evening.

Lively evenings and good food

In fact, tourists film the city as it changes and comes alive after the tour. From the Martyrs’ Memorial to the Grand Mosque, via Grande Poste, the city shines as the night falls.

Its streets are full of children, families, young people and old people, walking, playing and sometimes even dancing to the rhythm created by the Zorna groups roaming in the boulevard.

Of course, tourists do not miss taking advantage of the month of Ramadan to taste the traditional dishes offered in many Algerian restaurants, but iftar Open collectives organized by beneficiaries.

She also films zlabiya, qalb allouz as well as other traditional cake stalls. Finally, with a cup of mint tea in hand, she films herself, attending one of the many musical evenings that punctuate the daily nightlife in the Algerian capital during this month of Ramadan.

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