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Celery is a leafy vegetable. Of course, we eat its branches, but we can also eat its leaves, especially in soups and salads. We usually put the celery base in the compost, but there is another possibility: bring it back to life! This way…

When vegetables and fruits are harvested, they are still alive. Celery is harvested at the base, just above the roots. If given water and light, it can form new small roots and then leaves. Then it will start growing again.

Celery is mostly made up of water. He needs to grow up! It also needs the sun, which gives it energy to photosynthesize. It is photosynthesis that allows plants to make their own food and grow. When the celery is big enough, you’ll need to plant it in the ground so it can continue growing. act!

First, gather the materials you’ll need:

• A base of celery about 5 cm high

• potting soil

Then, follow the following steps carefully:

• Place the base of the celery in a bowl with the cut side facing up.

• Pour water into the bowl to a height of 1 cm. Take care that the cut part of celery does not get wet. Due to this it can rot.

• Place the bowl in front of a window so that the celery base gets sunlight every day.

• Watch your celery grow day by day. Add water so that there is still about 1 cm of water in the bowl.

• After a few days, you will see small white roots appear. After some time leaves will emerge.

• When the new shoots reach 2 cm in height, add potting soil to a pot larger than your celery. Place the celery base in the center of the pot and bury it. The entire base of the old celery should be covered with soil and new branches should be able to sprout. Water the earth.

• Place the pot in front of a window and watch your celery grow. Water the celery when the soil becomes dry.

When it’s warm enough outside, you can move your pot into the sun, which will make your celery grow faster.

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