A golf cart was provided to the passengers (Video)

Algiers Airport: A golf cart made available to passengers (video)

Golf cart in the airport / by Vityayut / Adobe Stock for Visa – Visas and Trips

Before boarding their aircraft, passengers must pass through the airport and undergo security screening to confirm their travel.

Apart from checking their tickets with their airline, they also have to appear before the Customs and Border Police (PAF), not to mention making additional trips to restaurants, toilets or other places. prayer room,

People with reduced mobility: a “practical and ecological” initiative at Algiers Airport

If the journey can be harrowing for ordinary travellers, it is even more so for disabled or elderly people. That’s why Algiers Airport They have thought about this category of travelers by providing “an electric golf cart”.

This mode of transportation is now offered by Algiers Airport. “From the arrivals area of ​​the international flight terminal”SGSIA disclosed on its Facebook page that it is a “Practical and ecological solution” For people with reduced mobility and the elderly.

The initiative did not fail to generate many positive reactions in the comments. “This service is chargeable at many airports around the world, especially in Doha, it is really good to see that it is free at Algiers Airport”Indicates an Internet user.

“Services at Algiers Airport have improved significantly”, another commentator underlines. On the other hand, the bottom line is that the golf initiative is welcome because people with reduced mobility have to struggle because of it. “Lack of wheelchairs and benches”,

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