A new measure is being criticized in Morocco

Visa France: a new measure in Morocco attracts criticism

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While Moroccan citizens still complain about the difficulties associated with obtaining a visa Schengen for France, a new facilitation measure recently announced raises many questions and fears in Morocco.

France wants to attract more foreign doctors as part of its ambition. bottomless void »In emergency departments and medical deserts. Maghreb countries are priority targets for these recruitments.

On 25 March, the French Embassy in Morocco announced the signing of a partnership agreement related to visas between the Consulate General of France in Rabat and the National Council of the Order of Physicians (CNOM).

New visa agreement signed between France and Morocco

The agreement under consideration plans to boost mobility between Morocco and France, the information site reports bladey This Friday, April 12th. But many observers immediately made the connection between France’s need for doctors and the newly signed agreement.

Following the announcement of this agreement, observers in Morocco were skeptical, as these are simply visas created to allow Moroccan doctors to participate in specific programs and undertake internships. Thus he accused France of wanting to attract Moroccan doctors in order to retain them.

According to him, the agreement comes as part of the French government’s plan to recruit more physicians outside European Union (EU) countries, including Morocco. This is a recruitment mission for more than 5,000 doctors.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal, charged by Macron with carrying out the operation, will have to appoint an envoy to seek doctors abroad to fill the shortage experienced by emergency services in France.

Controversy in Morocco over visa agreement with France

Talking on this topic, a Moroccan doctor says that this agreement “ Will encourage students and doctors to study and practice in France “. And if this is true, this is not normal “, he admits. According to him, “ It’s as if we are making immigration easier for them ,

But for other observers, there is no cause for concern, especially since one has to go to France and work as a doctor,” There is a specific circuit to follow “. According to him this is just a dispute.

In this regard, sources close to the matter confirm that the agreement does not relate to work or employment visas, but only to ” schengen visa For first-time entry into France to participate in scientific programs ,

According to a source at the Order of Physicians, this is explained by France’s decision to reduce the number of visas granted to Moroccans and the difficulties doctors face in attending congresses and scientific events.

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