A passenger shocked by the price of Paris-Algiers ticket

Air Alger: A passenger shocked by the price of Paris-Algiers ticket

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Although it operates many international lines, particularly to Europe, it operates lines to and from France. he air algerie Also requested by passengers.

Among the most popular connections of the France network among passengers is its line connecting Paris to AlgiersWhich allows a large number of Algerians, especially from France, to travel to Algeria or Algerians to travel within France.

Air Algerie, Paris – Algiers: “Over €350 for a two-hour flight! »

As said, many voices regularly condemn on social networks the prices of Air Algerie tickets on the Paris-Algiers line, which, according to them, are not always accessible to everyone. This is underlined by an Internet user through a post published on Facebook, where he goes so far as to criticize the national airline “torture” His customers.

“Air Algerie is the only airline that oppresses its compatriots and sets unbelievable prices for them”writes this Internet user, attaching to his post a screenshot showing the ticket price offered by Air Algérie for the Paris-Algiers flight.

“A one-way flight lasting 2 hours 15 minutes costs €351! ,, he was surprised. Indeed, a screenshot taken by this Internet user shows two one-way Paris-Algiers flights of the national company: the first, scheduled for 9 am, priced at €351 and the second, scheduled for 12:15 pm , is priced at. €396. .

Going to the Air Alger reservation platform, we see that it is impossible to book a Paris-Algiers return flight between the dates of April 5-15.

the company tells “No availability”, So it is easy to justify this price increase by the increase in demand a few days before Eid Al Fitr.

However, an excuse that lacks substance, according to immigration deputy Abdelouhab Yagouabi, who points out that the Algerian air market is closed and the rules of the market economy do not apply to it, thus putting Air Algérie in a semi-monopoly situation. Has gone. ,

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