A pilot films a ground operation amid a blizzard

Air Algerie: A pilot films a ground operation in the middle of a blizzard (video)

An Air Algérie plane / by Christian Storto – Stock.adobe.com for VVA – Visa & Travel

a pilot of algerian company Air Algerie films taxi operations for its aircraft at Montreal-Trudeau Airport, Canada. The operation was conducted in the midst of the snowstorm that is currently raging in the Quebec area.

In early April, a blizzard struck southern Quebec, Canada. The airport in Montreal, Quebec’s main city, was also affected, making ground operations critical.

Air Alger aircraft taxiing on icy runway in Montreal

On April 4, several flights departing from Montreal Airport were canceled or delayed due to snow accumulation.

To carry out various activities before or after flights, airport authorities must constantly remove snow from aircraft, but also from runways.

In a video filmed from the cockpit of a plane air algeriaThis video published on TikTok shows a pilot from the company taxiing his plane on the Montreal airport runway, which is completely covered with snow.

The plane moves slowly on a completely icy runway. Judging by the condition of the runway (as it is almost impossible to take off in these conditions), the plane had just landed from Algiers and was heading towards the terminal to allow its passengers to disembark.

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