A tourist “shocked” by the generosity of Algerian people

Traveling to Algeria: A Visitor to the Generosity of the Algerian People

Algiers city view / by Leonid Andronov / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas & Travels

The generosity of the Algerian people never fails to surprise foreign tourists visiting the country. during the month RamadanThe month of sharing, generosity and charity, these values ​​become even more apparent.

At the time of breaking the fast, there is a special atmosphere in many areas of Algeria, where restaurants, called rahma restaurants, are arranged to offer free food to passers-by.

“People come out of nowhere and give you free food.”

A foreign tourist traveling in Algeria shared his experience about the generosity of Algerian people during the month of Lent. , Let me tell you about something that surprised me during Ramadan here in Algeria “, she says in a video shared on her TikTok.

Travel content creator Victoria was in her car when she saw people wearing vests waving at her to stop. It was time to break the fast and these people invited him to have a dish for free.

, People come out of nowhere and give you free food “, she explains to her audience on TikTok. Moreover, she says that this is the first time that she has seen such an initiative during her visit.

Stopping in front of a volunteer, he and his driver get two boxes filled with snacks to break the fast: kesara, juice and a box of curd. , To be honest, I’m still shocked by what I saw “, she says.

Victoria explains it another way muslim country You cannot eat food while breaking the fast even if you have money, but in Algeria it is provided for free.

“It’s like you’re having dinner with your family.”

Apart from these snack boxes distributed free on the street, tourists also talk about restaurants that serve full meals during Iftar time. all over the country “. In another video It shows a long queue of cars, stopped by volunteers to serve iftar to road users.

When he heard about the concept, he expected dates, water, and maybe some bread, but not a full meal served on the table. , You will find delicious meat soups, main meals, a variety of soda drinks, yogurt, labne and dates… », Tourist list.

And what’s even more amazing for Victoria is that the volunteers at these establishments are very happy to be able to give you food. , They will be more than happy to feed you and welcome you. It’s like you’re having dinner with your family », he concluded.

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