A tourist was surprised by this little-known “paradise” beach

A trip to Algeria: a tourist's little-known

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Only a few weeks separate us from the summer season. Bathers will soon find their way to the beach, an attraction that has no shortage of Algeria, In particular, a beach located in Annaba attracted all the attention of tourists.

With more than 2,000 km of coastline, Algeria is home to thousands of beaches of astonishing diversity. And yes, we are talking about more than 2,000 km, as a recent study has revealed the real length of the Algerian coastal strip.

An Algerian tourist discovered a spectacular beach in Annaba

In June 2023, the Algerian Minister of Environment and Renewable Energy indicated that an updated study on the length of the Algerian coastline, conducted by his department, showed that the national coastline is 2,148 km.

, A very thorough and extremely accurate study revealed that the length of the national coastline was 2,148 km, and not 1,622 km. The minister made this announcement at a press conference on the occasion of the celebration of World Oceans Day.

This long coastline of Algeria, stretching from east to west, is home to thousands of beaches, ranging from vast expanses of sand to rocky coastlines, including several bays that can only be reached by boat.

While on vacation in Bled, an Algerian from France, influential on social networks, discovered one of these spectacular beaches. , we are in great shape “, she declares in a recent video posted on her TikTok.

, We cannot convey the beauty of this heavenly place through video ,

This is the rocky beach of Vivier, located near the Cap de Garde lighthouse, also known as the Ras Hamra lighthouse, one of the most famous beaches in the wilayah of Annaba in the far east of Algeria.

The beauty of the place leaves both women speechless. , We cannot convey the beauty of this heavenly place through video », he says, surprised by his discovery.

In this sequence, in fact, we can see the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea slipping slowly between the rocks, completely calm and in a very pleasant spring sun. According to the testimony of the influential person, this place is also very clean. didn’t want to leave beach.

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