A true gem worth seeing!

Located in the heart of Brittany, a little-known village stands like a protected nugget off the beaten path.

Charming and authentic, this place invites visitors to discover its hidden treasures, its rich heritage and its breathtaking landscapes. An unforgettable holiday awaits you in this corner of the Breton paradise.

Immerse yourself in Quintin’s history and extraordinary legacy

The pearl of the Breton region, the village of Quintin hides many treasures. Little known to the general public, this charming town has managed to retain its authenticity and offers a pleasant ambiance for tourists to stay. You will be attracted by its rich architectural and historical heritage as well as its lush landscapes and local traditions.

  • Quintin Castle: This magnificent building from the 17th and 18th centuries is a true gem of Breton architecture. Tour the state rooms, French gardens and discover the fascinating history of the Kings of Quintin.
  • Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul: Built in the 16th century, this church is a remarkable example of the luminous Gothic style. Don’t miss the extraordinary stained glass windows as well as the altarpiece dedicated to St. Joseph.
  • medieval ramparts: Witness to a time when Quintin was a stronghold, these remains will immerse you in the city’s eventful history.

Relax amidst untouched nature and enjoy outdoor activities

Quintin is also famous for its bucolic landscapes consisting of rivers, forests and hiking trails. You can enjoy the many outdoor activities offered by this extraordinary natural setting.

  • Hiking and Mountain Biking: Find marked routes crossing the surrounding countryside and discover breathtaking views.
  • river fishing: Try trout fishing in the Gouette and Quilory rivers, or improve your technique with the help of a local guide.
  • Horse riding: Accompanied by an experienced instructor, set out on horseback to explore the surrounding area.

Savor local flavors and take part in traditional festivals

britney It is a region rich in culinary and festive traditions. Staying in Quintin, you will have the opportunity to discover local specialties and participate in typical events of the area.

  • weekly market: Every Tuesday morning, go to the Place du Martre to buy fresh and local produce: fruits, vegetables, fish, meat, etc.
  • Creperies and cider shops:Enjoy the famous Breton pancakes and pancakes with a glass of cider in a friendly atmosphere.
  • traditional festivals: Throughout the year, Quintin hosts cultural and popular events such as the Weavers Festival, the Pardon of Saint-Joseph and Heritage Day.

Organize your stay in Quintin: accommodation and good addresses

To fully enjoy your visit to Quintín, here are some practical tips about accommodation and good addresses that should not be missed.

  • Hotels & B&B: You’ll find many comfortable and warm establishments to stay, ranging from charming hotels to family-friendly guest rooms. Don’t hesitate to book in advance to avail the best rates.
  • Restaurants and Bars: Enjoy local cuisine in village restaurants, which offer eclectic and inventive dishes. Don’t miss the bars where you can enjoy a Breton beer or a house cocktail.

In short, Quintin is a true paradise of peace where history, nature and traditions blend harmoniously. Don’t wait any longer to discover this little-known village that will surprise you with its unique charm!

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