Aboard the magnificent Eastern and Oriental Express, the Jungle Train

Big report – Eastern and Oriental Express is once again reaching Malaysia from Singapore. Approaching the thousand-year-old forest of Taman Negara for the first time, the famous train then heads to Penang, whose Sino-colonial refinements inspired its new look. Summary of Asia seen in a dream.

Under a milky sky, bright green and cream-coloured wagons with a tiger imprinted on the top, bearing the coat of arms, pull up towards the station Singapore, Lined up on the burning ghat,Eastern and Oriental Express Team Member, welcome the passengers one by one on the Belmond train. Smiling and eager in his inspired uniform traditional malaysian songwriter, they seem indifferent to the heat while the travelers follow each other. A Scottish retired couple, American newlyweds, a Chinese family, decked out from head to toe, run towards the butler who is waiting for them in front of their carriage. About forty people boarded the Rolling Palace. A whistle cuts the hot, humid air. The train moves slowly.

Inside there is the smell of precious woods mixed with the smell of fresh flowers placed in each cabin. The elm burl interior and Art Deco lamps appear to be vintage, although the train dates back to the 1990s.

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