According to National Geographic, Algeria is one of the 20 best destinations for 2024

Travel: Algeria among the 20 best destinations of 2024, according to Nat Geo

Algerian Sahara. Image by SELIMBT/

Do you want an offbeat holiday? Algeria This sounds ideal for travel in 2024!

Slowly but surely, the country appears more and more on lists of interesting travel destinations, such as this annual ranking from National Geographic ” The best in the world ,

It pays homage to Algeria’s heritage and places the country at 8thI position between 20 destinations for great adventures in 2024 ,

Algeria, a great travel destination to immerse yourself in the past

In their list of travel destinations for a great adventure in 2024, National Geographic Classifies Algeria as an “ideal location for Explore Ancient Art ,

Africa’s largest country, Algeria is home to the continent’s largest national park: Tassily n’Ajjar National Park. Protected by UNESCO since 1982, it is located in the center of the site algerian sahara, It is a mountain range that extends from southeastern Algeria to Libyan lands.

Tassili n’Azzur National Park contains the world’s largest deposit of ancient rock art.

Visitors can admire sandstone cliffs, arches, outcroppings and towers, among other geological wonders.

A true stone forest, these remains still bear witness to the rich and energetic past that this part of Algeria experienced. In total, there are more than 15,000 petroglyphs representing giraffes, rhinoceros and even elephants.

These paintings carved into the rock take us back to an amazing past where Tassili n’Ajjar was not the dry and wild land we know today, but a vast expanse of grasslands with streams.

Discovering the Masterpieces of the Algerian Sahara

The area is also home to other spectacular works, such as ” crying cows », 7,000-year-old paintings carved into the base of a stone plinth.

The most adventurous travelers can take the experience further and head to Hoggar, the extraordinary mountain range of Ahaggar National Park.

In this park, which is the second largest in the country, the highest point rises to 2,918 meters, impressive peaks that allow you to appreciate the grandeur of the Algerian desert.

All these wonders of nature take place in a spectacular, immaculate setting of red sand with silky, undulating dunes.

, Five to seven-day guided tours with Fancy Yellow allow you to discover the most spectacular works of Tasili art », adds National Geographic in its description.

Fancy Yellow is a certified Algerian travel agency and tour operator that guarantees the most beautiful adventures through the treasures of the Algerian desert.

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