According to one foreign tourist, “One of the hardest visas to get, but definitely worth it.”

Traveling to Algeria: According to a foreign tourist,

Place de l’Emir-Abdelkader in Algiers, Algeria / by Bruno / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa & Travel

Africa’s largest country in terms of area, Algeria Cannot be seen in one day. But it’s not just this argument that keeps tourists coming back.

This is what one notes foreign tourist On his TikTok channel dedicated to travel, which has over 700,000 subscribers. Traveler films himself in front of Oran International Airport and admits that “it feels good to be back in Algeria”.

Visit Algeria: Foreign tourists receive a “very good” welcome

“I have been to this country three times because I love the people here,” he explains, adding that “Algerians are incredibly kind, very welcoming and always willing to go out of their way to help you.” “

For this foreign tourist, “It is very easy to meet Algerian people… who genuinely want tourists to have a pleasant experience and enjoy their stay in Algeria.”

“That’s why I came back to Algeria again and why I’m so excited to be there again,” he said, confirming that it is “a really interesting country” and special because “it attracts many tourists. does not do.” Allows for an authentic travel experience”.

The tourist ultimately emphasizes that the Algerian visa “is considered one of the most difficult to obtain” but “it is really worth it” because tourists coming to Algeria are received “very well” by the population.

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