Agnes Pannier-Rancher has given sugar beet growers permission not to use pesticides “to protect their crops”.

A farmer prepares a field for sugar beet harvest in Boucheres, near Troyes (Aube) on March 24, 2020.

This announcement should reassure sugar beet growers. Agnes Pannier-Runacher, Minister Delegate to the Minister of Agriculture and Food Sovereignty, announced the exemption for sugar beet growers on Friday 5 April. “To protect our cultures”, They are authorized to no longer use any pesticides to combat the aphids responsible for yellow disease, which is very harmful to sugar production.

“This year, sugar beet growers will now be able to make up to five Movember passes” instead of “Two excerpts today”M said.Me Panier-Runacher interviewed on air france blue north,

Due to mild winters, the risk of yellowing of beets caused by aphid bites is very high. Growers, mainly based in Nord and Pas-de-Calais, who are currently in the middle of the planting season, were concerned. now they can do it “Make the first three passes (from Movento) And, if aphids are still present, two additional »specified mMe Panier-Runacher. Movento insecticide can be used in addition to the spread of another insecticide, Tepeci.

The minister defended himself from compromising on public health by saying that pesticides which contain A “Proven impact on public health” were already banned. From 2023, neonicotinoids, bee-killing pesticides that are also used to combat sugar beet yellows, are banned in France. The ban was decided at the European level, leading to anger among farmers in the absence of an alternative solution.

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