Air Algerie announces 42 additional flights each week between 11 Algerian airports

Air Algerie announces 42 additional weekly flights between 11 Algerian airports

Air Algerie aircraft / by Lucas Wunderlich –

Air Algerie continues to adjust its flight schedule after announcing an increase in anticipation of the 2024 summer season The number of flights to certain destinations, particularly to Europe – including France – and canceled routes in other countries, the Algerian public airline has revealed something new regarding domestic flights.

Algeria is a vast country where the distances between the two departments can sometimes be impressive. Some domestic flights are longer than international connections and air travel is one of the most commonly used modes of travel, especially between the north and south of the country.

Air Algerie operates most domestic flights. It competes with Tasili Airlines, another public airline, which is a subsidiary of Sonatrach Group. But the latter is mainly active on air connections with cities in southern Algeria.

In recent years, Air Algérie has focused on developing its international capabilities, somewhat neglecting the domestic market. Result: few new lines introduced, delays and cancellations of flights, often dissatisfied passengers…

air algerie says 16616 seats per month

For next summer, the national airline is looking to improve things by significantly increasing the number of its domestic flights. It announced the establishment of a program of additional flights through a press release this Friday the 12th.

“In anticipation of the summer season and as part of state policy aimed at improving air connectivity between different regions of the country, the Algerian national airline is preparing to schedule 42 additional flights each week from 11 airports in the interior. “, details Air Algerie in its press release.

This increase in the number of flights represents a total of 4,154 additional seats per week or more than 16,616 seats per month, adds the same source that did not specify whether sales are open for this new program. It also does not specify lines related to this summer program.

“For more information, please visit our agencies or contact our call center at the following number: +213 21 98 63 63,” Air Algerie concluded in its press release.

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