Algerian tourist tells how he was ‘seriously bored’ in Maldives

Algerian tourist tells how he was 'seriously bored' in Maldives

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Maldives is a tropical and island country in the Indian Ocean. destination of dreams For many passengers. An Algerian tourist tells of his astonishing experience after spending a month on one of the islands of this highly touristic country.

With sandy beaches, stunning coastline and countless opportunities for attractions including diving, the Maldives is certainly a dream destination, perfect for a day in the sun.

, What if I told you that I was seriously bored in the Maldives? ,

However, an Algerian tourist living on an island in the Maldives has a different opinion. he finds that it is very boring, After staying at this destination for a month, he developed a feeling that every traveler dreams of.

, What if I told you that I was seriously bored in the Maldives? “, he announces in a video circulated on TikTok. But he says that he spent a whole month at this place, whereas it takes a maximum of a week not to get bored.

Without specifying on which island he spent his stay, this Algerian tourist says that there is practically nothing to find, it is very compact. , You have only 10 minutes to cover it in length and five minutes in width. “, He said.

In fact, this Algerian traveller’s viewpoint is shared by many tourists visiting the Maldives. On traveler discussion forums, many people find this destination boring after a few days.

Here are some reviews from other tourists who have experienced the Maldives

, I visited agencies and everyone stressed that there is not much to do in Maldives apart from diving », points out a traveler on an online forum. She, who considers this country “” destination of dreams », now hesitates for fear of getting bored.

But for others, it is truly a dream destination, which rightly deserves this accolade. , Before going there we were afraid of getting bored. But trust me, time stops right there! », testimony of a tourist on TripAdvisor.

, You will be mesmerized by the beauty of the island and the water, the brightly colored vegetation will surprise you and the kindness of the staff will soften you. snorkeling will also allow you to admire all the treasures that underwater life has in store for you. “, he writes in his opinion.

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