Amazing landing of Airbus A330, crushing the previous cars

Air Algerie: Spectacular landing of Airbus A330 as it passes between cars (video)

An Air Algérie plane / by Lucas Wunderlich – for VVA – Visa & Travel

London Heathrow Airport in the United Kingdom offers stunning images of airliners landing. Admire the impressive final approach of this Airbus A330-200air algeria For this airport.

Due to its location on the approach road and close to the threshold of London Airport’s Runway 27L, Myrtle Avenue is probably one of the most famous plane-spotting sites in the world.

Amazing photos of the Air Algérie Airbus A330-200 on its final approach to London

Only a motor road separates the end of the garden from the airfield fence at Myrtle Avenue London Heathrow, To land, planes fly very close to the site, much to the delight of the public and aviation enthusiasts who gather in the garden.

The planes actually pass so low that you feel as if you are able to touch them. This is the case of this Airbus A330-200 of the national company Air Algérie, which was recently filmed by a spotter near the motorway located near the landing strip.

On final approach, the aircraft hovered just a few meters above the cars passing on the road at the time. Put in slow motion mode, sequence shared on Friday April 5 TIC Toc The Air Algérie aircraft are visible in all their splendor during landing.

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