Amazing Tour of the Airbus A321 (Video)

Amazing tour of the Airbus A321 at Madeira Airport (video)

A plane landing Image by Kazu8 | Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa & Travel

Because of the wind, landing in madeira Airline pilots often have a hard time. In some cases, where touchdown represents a proven risk, pilots are forced to abort their approach.

This is the case of the Airbus A321N of the British Airways airline, which became seriously unstable while trying to land on the runway of the airport of a Portuguese island. The scene was filmed by a spotter and shared on YouTube this Tuesday, April 2.

During final approach, gusts of wind caused the aircraft to rotate in all directions, a phenomenon characterized by sudden changes in the speed and direction of gusts.

When prevented from landing due to wind, the pilot turns on the gas and takes off again

Despite this, the captain maintained his landing, but the effect of the gusts on the plane intensified. The low speed of the aircraft during the stall phase makes it very sensitive to wind.

During the flare phase, in which the aircraft goes from a flight to the ground, the British company captain, coming from an airport on the Portuguese island of Porto Santo, is apparently unable to stabilize his aircraft.

After covering a large section of the runway at Madeira Airport and not being able to land, he decided to play the caution card by aborting the landing great tour,

Very quickly, the plane became airborne again while continuing to experience gusts. The pilot would have to make a go-around around the track and try a new, more stable approach.

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