An Air Algérie pilot films a spectacular scene in mid-flight

An Air Algérie pilot films a spectacular scene in mid-flight

Air Algerie / Tobias for VVA – Visas & Travel

Apart from being the most practical means of transportation, plane Also provides fascinating experience in the air. Travelers benefit from breathtaking views during their journey.

A pilot of the national airline Air Algerie, who is very active on social networks, compiled several fascinating images of his flights taken from the cockpit into a TikTok video.

Perhaps one of the most captivating moments in the sky is when an aircraft passes another aircraft thousands of meters above in the air. This is exactly what we can admire in the sequence shared by the Air Algérie pilot.

An Air Algerie pilot filmed a plane in mid-flight, the result is surprising

In some cases, planes crossing each other They are separated according to the process of vertical separation, allowing them to fly at different altitudes and levels to avoid any risk of collision.

In the video filmed above the clouds, we can clearly admire the condensation traces emanating from the two reactors of the filmed device. And contrary to popular belief, these are neither exhaust gases nor kerosene discharge.

Condensation paths emanating from the wings are, in fact, the result of condensation of air moving over the ends of the aircraft’s wings or ailerons. Those that come out of reactors are also the result of the transformation of water vapor into ice, which has a longer lifetime.

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