An Air Algerie plane passes Emirates, a grand Airbus A380 in mid-flight

Video.  Spectacular: An Air Algerie plane passes an Emirates Airbus A380 in mid-flight

Aircraft in flight / By property seller / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas and Trips

In full flight at cruising altitude, an aircraft airline company The national, Air Algérie, has a special encounter in the air. This scene was immortalized by the Captain himself from his cockpit.

To avoid any risk of collision in mid-flight, the planes are separated by a sufficient distance by air traffic controllers. There are two types of separation: horizontal separation and vertical separation.

When the horizontal separation is less than the recommended standard, two planes that cross or follow each other in a given area, one above the other, are separated vertically. In other words, both the planes are placed at different heights and levels.

An Air Algérie pilot films a spectacular encounter with an A380 in mid-flight

This arrangement was recently immortalized by Air Algérie captain Mourad Omraoui. In the video posted on social networks this Monday, April 15, we actually see a spectacular vertical separation between two aircraft, including Air Algérie.

The second aircraft, which flies at a level above the aircraft of the Algerian company, is none other than the symbolic giant of the air and the largest commercial aircraft, which is impressive. airbus a380 Emirates Airline which is flying at full speed.

At the beginning of the sequence, we see the giant device moving at high speed in the background of the image, leaving behind a dense trail of condensation. Very quickly, the A380 Air Algerie aircraft arrives, where we can clearly read the insignia of the Emirati company.

With its cruising speed of about 900 km/h, the huge device rapidly passes over the Air Algérie aircraft and immediately disappears from the image. A fascinating sight that we are not used to seeing except in the magical world of aviation.

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