An Airbus A321 bounces off the runway (video)

Spectacular landing in Madeira: An Airbus A321 bounces off the runway (video)

Airbus A321N from Viz Air / Photofax – for VISA – Visas & Travel

landing at the airport Madeira It is never easy, both for the pilots and the passengers on board. Due to the complexity of the wind and approach, pilots approach each aircraft’s landing differently.

Because the crosswind, or shear, is almost constant, landing at the airport of Madeira, an island in the Portuguese archipelago of the same name, requires extraordinary skill from pilots.

Amazing landing of Airbus A321 with bounce on Madeira runway

This specificity, at the core of the classification of this international airport among the most dangerous in the world, gives rise to approach and touchdown. scenicAs is the case with this Wizz Air Airbus A321N landing.

During the final approach, filmed by a spotter on the airport’s only runway, the plane goes astray as it is destabilized by the wind. In this stalled state, at low speed, even a slight gust can destabilize the aircraft’s trajectory.

At the time of the flare, the Wizz Air captain had no option but to make a sudden descent to ensure landing on first contact, as can be seen in this sequence published on YouTube on Saturday, March 30.

Additionally, the aircraft bounced off the road and landed on its right side. Fortunately, the impact was mild, allowing the pilot to manage the rest of his landing well. The Airbus A321 quickly regains its balance and continues braking with complete safety.

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