An Algerian flight attendant reveals 5 things about her profession

An Algerian flight attendant reveals 5 things about her profession

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Although this is no easy task, Flight Attendant It remains a dream job for many young girls around the world.

A dream that a young Algerian was able to realize by working for the Emirati airline Fly Dubai, a subsidiary of the prestigious Emirates.

on his channel TIC Toc, she shares snippets of her daily life with her 170,000 subscribers. In his recent video, he “decided to make” Algerian version » Trending « Absolutely », reveals some facts that affect her life as a flight attendant.

Welcome aboard

Like most professions, the world of flight attendants has routine and mechanical gestures. It’s a matter of expression” Welcome I repeat 1,000 times a day », this Algerian hostess believes.

loss of temporary markers

With time zones changing, many flight attendants lose track of time. , I’m a flight attendant, of course I don’t know what day it is », is the testimony of this Fly Dubai employee, saying that ” It is normal for them to have dinner at 5 in the morning and breakfast at 10 at night. ,

a 4 season suitcase

Working on a long-haul plane means you have to be prepared for anything. it Flight Attendant Turns out she carries plans in her suitcase” summer clothes and winter clothes at the same time ,

, I have traveled to over 150 countries ,

There are approximately 200 countries in the world, thanks to her work this young flight attendant has visited more than three-fourths of them. , I’m a flight attendant, of course I travel to over 150 countries ”, she noted.

, Be nice to flight attendants, it could save your life ,

Apart from their beautiful uniforms and wide smiles, flight attendants are well trained to deal with disaster situations. , I am a flight attendant, of course in case of emergency I can save you, so be very kind to me », says this Algerian hostess who is only half joking.

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