An MP demanded to end the obligation to produce passport

Trip to Algeria: An MP calls for the removal of this controversial obligation

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responsibility of presentation of passport Each entry required for Algerians abroad is at the center of a lively controversy. Algerian immigration representatives are taking steps to remove this obligation “Unconstitutional”.

After Abdelouhab Yagouabi, who considers the obligation to present a passport for any citizen who wishes to return to his country “This is an administrative abuse that has no legal basis”Another MP has joined this fight.

Algerians abroad face “difficulties in renewing their passports”

In a written question addressed to the Minister of the Interior this Monday, April 8, Toufic Khedim, deputy of the Algerian people of France, also called for the removal of this obligation, especially given the large congestion experienced by Algerian consulates abroad. By increasing.

According to him, simple presentation of the biometric national identity card should be enough to enter the blade, thus fulfilling the request of his colleague in Parliament.

He explained that as summer approaches, Algerian consulates abroad are experiencing a surge of Algerians wishing to renew their passports in anticipation of visiting the country.

And since this is the tenth year since the introduction of the obligation to present a passport for entry into Algeria, many members of the Algerian diaspora “Having difficulties renewing your passport”The MP adds.

“What prevents Algerians from entering the country with their identity cards? ,

This situation had a negative impact Commerce embassySays Taufiq Khedim, who is not able to face large crowds. In addition, images of long queues and sometimes chaos emerged in front of the consulates. “Which unfortunately reflect the reality, create a bad image of the country”,

Thus, the MP reminded in his letter that Algerians abroad can “Be satisfied with the national identity card to enter your country, according to the Constitution and what is done in the world”.

In his question addressed to the Minister of the Interior, the MP stressed the need to remove the obligation to present the passport when entering the country, wondering what actually prevents the citizen from returning with his national card.

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