An owner was sentenced for stealing squatters from his land

As the owner of real estate you may be liable for misdeeds caused by others. It is not so rare for a landlord to be fined for a nuisance caused by his tenant. The Montpellier Court of Appeal recently ordered an owner to pay 4,800 euros in damages to his noisy tenant’s neighbor. And furthermore, legal occupiers, and even more surprisingly, an owner, can be held responsible for the actions of illegal occupiers.

this is what happened next troyes, In a case reported by L’Est Eclair, Surprisingly, a man may have acquired a plot of land in the city of Boucheres (Aube) without worrying about its acquisition because he left the department shortly after when he realized that he was But can’t install. Except that his plot was soon taken over by others, there were several caravans parked on the site. (See main photo), Apart from this illegal occupation of the land, the families living there took advantage of the opportunity to dig a well and establish uncontrolled electricity connection to a nearby pumping station. According to Enedis, the damage caused by electricity theft from 2015 to 2023 exceeds 10,000 euros.

ready to donate land

As in the case of this owner, from whom Veolia claimed 98,000 euros for unpaid water consumed by squatters Without the matter being resolved, the lessor is contacted by Enedis. Ultimately, he was acquitted of involvement in energy theft, but otherwise sentenced to a fine of €1,000, of which €500 was suspended. Ready to get rid of this problem land, the defendant also offered to give it The Flash East,

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