Are you entitled to the new PTZ 2024?

The decree implementing the new zero-rate loan was published in the Official Journal. Find out if you can qualify.

The new version of the PTZ came into force on April 1 and the order for its implementation was finally published in the Official Journal. Families can officially check whether they are eligible for the scheme or not BFM immo has already given you all the information early December. So, as expected, buying a new home with PTZ is no longer possible. This assistance is only possible in the context of the acquisition of new housing for collective housing (in other words for apartments) and only in stressed areas (A BIS, A and B1). In the old, no change, only purchases in luxury areas (B2 and C) are affected. And it is always necessary to carry out renovation work representing 25% of the total cost of the operation to be financed.

The income threshold (to be entitled to it) but the quota (the share of the project you can finance by the PTZ) are also increasing.

You should know in advance that the share you will be entitled to (20%, 40% or 50% of the project) will be determined according to the income group to which you belong (which varies depending on your residential area). . Here is the slice table:

For example, if you are single and you earn less than 25,000 euros (reference tax income) and you live in zone B2, you are entitled to PTZ and you are part of bracket 3.

But income will increase depending on the number of people in the house. Below you will find 3 tables of income limits that correspond to the three possible quotas (20%, 40% or 50%):

The other important change relates to the portion of loans subject to repayment moratorium. Indeed, within the framework of the PTZ (which is granted over a period ranging from 10 to 25 years), you have a period during which you do not pay anything before you start repaying the borrowed capital.

In the table below, period 1 corresponds to the period where you do not have a monthly payment to pay for your PTZ (for example for 10 years), period 2 corresponds to the number of years where you have a PTZ. (e.g. 15 years).

Here is the new table of repayment deferment depending on your installment:

For example, if you are in Tranche 2, you have a 20-year loan, with an 8-year deferment period (100% of the capital is covered) (you then repay your PTZ over the next 12 years). If you are in Band 4, you have no deferment period and your PTZ is greater than 10 years.

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