A trip for wine lovers!

Discover the French vineyards, an unforgettable journey for wine lovers! Immerse yourself in the heart of rich and diverse regions, from Burgundy to the Loire Valley, and let yourself be intoxicated by the complex aromas and unique flavors of each region. A taste adventure that promises surprise and discovery. Discover the essential French wine regions … Read more

Here are the ten biggest real estate sales by state in 2023

,My priority is restraint. We have to spare square meters and reduce energy costs in our buildings. It’s good for the planet, it’s also good for public finances. Last year, the results were remarkable. We sold 645 properties worth €280 million, representing a 37% increase in revenues. (Editor’s Note in 2023),” announced Thomas Cazenaway, the … Read more

Director fired for taking care of passengers

Suitcase in an airport. Image by Saderben | stock.adobe.com | For VVA – Visa and Travel After that Algiers AirportThe director of Annaba airport in the east of the country has just been fired. here’s why. This decision was taken by the Minister of Transport El Habib Zahana, as we read in a press release … Read more

Have you thought about this liability for your residence that could be costing you?

This tax liability caused controversy last summer, She is making a comeback this year. it’s about real estate declaration which 34 million owners had to pay Till 31 July 2023, Nowadays, “More than 82% of owners of less than 200 premises declared residents of their homes», says the Ministry of Economy and Finance which responded … Read more

Second House: More expensive insurance to finance climate risk?

With drought, with frequent floods, without forgetting the increasing weight Claims related to demolished housesThe French insurance system appears to have entered a period of structural deficit. That’s why the Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, and the Minister of the Ecological Transition, Christophe Bechu, commissioned an expert report to consider reforms. “Insurability of … Read more

6 must-see historical monuments in the world for history lovers!

Are you a history enthusiast and want to explore the monuments that have marked humanity? Here is a selection of 6 essential historical monuments from around the world, true testimony to the past and symbols of our cultural heritage. 1. The Great Wall of China: A thousand-year-old architectural masterpiece It’s impossible to start this list … Read more

Tunisair Express operates with a single aircraft

A Tunisair plane / By Vanderwolf Images – Stock.Adobe.com for VVA – Visa & Travel There airline company The Tunisian company, Tunisair Express, a subsidiary of the national company Tunisair, is currently forced to operate its services on a single aircraft. The company is giving reasons for the reduction in the number of its fleet. … Read more

7 Best Camping Sites!

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure through the Dolomites, where breathtaking nature meets adventure. This article takes you to discover seven of the best camping spots in this famous mountain range, promising breathtaking views and lasting memories. Explore the Dolomites in a motorhome: essentials for a successful road trip The Dolomites, these majestic mountains located … Read more

Ryanair operates its first domestic flights in Morocco

Ryanair aircraft / by JackF – VVA – Stock.adobe.com for visas and travel Morocco is an important destination Ryanair, In addition to international flights to and from the Kingdom, the Irish low-cost airline now operates domestic flights there. Ryanair domestic flight schedule morocco It is going on now. The company operated a Marrakech-Oujda flight on … Read more

It’s possible to visit the Acropolis of Athens without tourists if you can afford it

In Athens, wealthy visitors could now privately tour the Acropolis in the morning and evening. The controversial measure will come into force on April 1, increasing the prices of access to 350 main archaeological sites and museums in Greece. In greece Which, among other problems, suffers from overtourism, a new step has been taken this … Read more

Becoming your own tenant, instructions for use

BFM Business’s guest, Stéphane Desquartiers, Director of SD Conseils et Formations, discusses the benefits of becoming your own tenant. There can be some attractive aspects to becoming your own boss and therefore your own tenant. A fairly classic system explained by Stéphane Desquartiers, director of SD Conseils et Formations, guest of Lorraine Gaumot at Tout … Read more

Find the top 11 essential Lyon expressions!

When we talk about Lyon, we often think of its gastronomy, its traboules and its historical heritage. But the city of Les Gones has much more to offer, especially in terms of language! Discover our selection of 12 essential Lyon expressions to fully immerse yourself in the local culture. 1. gone The expression “gone” refers … Read more

Everything you need to know about the JR Pass, or how to travel by train in Japan

Explore Japanese territory without paying the high price of comfortable but expensive Japanese trains: The Japan Rail Pass has long been an essential part of traveling to Japan… before the railway group drastically increased its price. Launched with the aim of encouraging foreign tourist travel to the archipelago, the JR Pass allows unlimited use of … Read more

17 Horror Movies We Expect to Rattle Us in 2024

Navigating the unpredictable realm of horror cinema can be an enigmatic endeavor. As each year commences, the landscape appears chaotic and disordered. However, as months progress, the true masterpieces of horror begin to crystallize. Occasionally, unanticipated films captivate audiences and ascend to stardom, exemplified by 2023’s sensation, M3GAN. Alternatively, we witness the resurrection of classic … Read more