Automated check-in kiosks are coming

Algiers Airport: automated check-in terminals arrive

Automated Check-in Terminal / by zephyr_p / for Adobe Stock

For remembering. The CEO of Algiers Airport made a number of announcements on Wednesday 3 April regarding the services and modernization of the infrastructure it manages. The announcements also include the installation of automated check-in terminals.

new management of Algiers Airport Continued its commitment to the development and modernization of the platform. The first manager of the airport revealed the main axis of his short-term strategy in this direction.

The degree of modernity of an airport is measured in the facilities offered to passengers while completing the travel procedures, starting from self-service check-in using automated check-in kiosks.

Algiers Airport starts the first tests on automated check-in terminals

In this regard, Mokhtar Saeed Mediouni, CEO of Algiers Airport Services and Infrastructure Management Company (SGSIA), indicated on Wednesday, April 3, that trials on these automated check-in terminals have just ‘been started within the airport’.

“Today (Wednesday April 3, editor’s note) we conducted the first test on automated check-in terminals », he announced in an interview with Algerian media DZ News,

The management of Algiers Airport intends to launch this service on domestic flights, followed by generalization on international flights. “We will launch them on domestic flights first and even the national identity card can be used to get the boarding pass”He insists.

At the end of the test, a boarding pass was collected within 10 seconds, which is much more convenient and faster than collecting this document at the counter after a long queue, the speaker pointed out.

“We are also working to deploy these terminals in larger hotels”

The airport aims to normalize this service to also allow baggage check-in. moreover : “We are also working to deploy these terminals in larger hotels to allow airline passengers air algeriaCollect their boarding passes and check their luggage before they reach the airport.

Still in view of the modernization of equipment and services within Algiers Airport, Mokhtar Saeed Mediouni has indicated that efforts are being made ‘Find a permanent solution to the problem of cleanliness at the airport’

Regarding airport equipment, he confirms that he has set himself the goal “Now no equipment will be imported for the airport”. Thus, the manager indicates that negotiations have been initiated with national companies with the aim of producing various tools, including luggage trolleys, locally.

“It is incomprehensible that we would import goods carts, especially since we are perfectly capable of producing them in our country.”The same speaker explains again.

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