Boeing 737 takes off while releasing fuel

Video.  Madeira Airport: A Boeing 737 takes off, spilling fuel

An airplane / by m.mphoto / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visa & Travel

In some cases, upon takeoff or landing, airliners must dispose of a certain amount of fuel. An operation filmed by a spotter during takeoff of a Boeing 737Madeira Airport,

An aviation enthusiast, in the middle of a spotting session, captured the fuel shedding process during the takeoff of a TUI Boeing 737-800 on the runway of Madeira Airport.

Fuel shedding operation on takeoff of a Boeing 737-800

The fuel shedding procedure is typically performed when an aircraft is forced to make an emergency landing shortly after takeoff. This allows the landing gear to support the weight of the aircraft, but also allows the aircraft to brake within the limits allowed on the runway.

But lift off, the planes must also respect the maximum mass. This is undoubtedly what led the pilot of this Boeing 737 to dump fuel right after takeoff, as we can see in this video recently posted on YouTube.

Immediately after leaving the ground, fuel is seen gushing out from the tip of its left wing. In fact, fuel is discharged through pipes called drain rods located at the ends of each wing of the aircraft.

When this TUI aircraft took off, the crew undoubtedly added extra fuel to lighten the weight of the aircraft as it climbed to altitude.

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