Breathtaking flight of Airbus A340 aircraft after losing altitude (video)

Breathtaking takeoff of Airbus A340 after losing altitude (video)

A plane taking off / by Tomasz Warszewski / Adobe Stock for VVA – Visas & Travels

If the landing of an aircraft is considered the most important phase of the flight, then takeoff too and sometimes even more so. During this it can be clearly seen lift off This Airbus A340-300 in Switzerland.

To take off properly, the aircraft must reach speeds of 200 to 250 km/h on the runway. Beyond this speed, no matter what, the pilot must take off, as it will no longer be possible to stop the aircraft within the planned safety limits.

On Saturday 6 April, an Airbus A340-300 of the Edelweiss company experienced a spectacular incident during takeoff on runway 16 at Zurich Airport. The plane starts running on the runway normally.

The aircraft loses altitude immediately after take off

But when it reaches takeoff speed and turns to take off, it lags behind in lifting the tail gear. After this the plane fell towards the runway and hit the ground. to blow To return to the air, as we can see in this video filmed by a spotter.

At this point, the aircraft has already covered the entire runway, so there is a need to turn around and get back in the air at all costs. A plane bound for Cancún, Mexico narrowly escaped a crash.

, After takeoff, the crew reported that they experienced a westerly wind while turning », indicates specific site aviation herald In the report of this incident. An investigation into this takeoff was launched, with tailwind suspected.

For its part, the airline Edelweiss announced after watching its video ” unpleasant takeoff “. When the plane returns from Cancún he must first interview the crew and evaluate the flight data.

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