Breathtaking trick of landing the Airbus A320 in Madeira (video)

Breathtaking trick of landing the Airbus A320 easyJet in Madeira (video)

An easyJet aircraft / by Markus Menka – VVA – Visa & Travel

on final approach landing in madeiraBritish company easyJet’s Airbus A320 experienced a very stressful situation due to strong gusts. The plane makes a spectacular touchdown with a loud boom.

A hard landing is usually the result of an aircraft descending too fast. But the factors that cause such unstable landings vary, ranging from pilot error to technical and safety requirements.

In most cases, hard landings are done intentionally by pilots in order to land quickly and leave more distance on the runway for braking. But in other cases, the aircraft becoming unstable due to wind causes a sudden landing.

Airbus A320 bounces heavily on runway and loses balance

This is the case when this EasyJet Airbus A320 landed at Madeira Airport, which was filmed by a spotter. In the sequence shared on YouTube this Wednesday, April 3, we see that the wind actually destabilized the plane’s final approach from Lisbon.

Only a few meters off the ground, the plane went down due to the effects of wind shear, causing the pilot to literally fall onto the runway. During the stall phase, the aircraft reduces its speed significantly, making it very sensitive to wind.

After this brutal touchdown, the plane bounces violently On track and even deviates a bit. But very skillfully, because being accustomed to this type of landing in Madeira, the pilot immediately righted his plane and continued his flight. Landing Safely moved.

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