Bruche Valley: Alsace-Moselle Memorial launches an appeal for the 80th anniversary of liberation

“Attic, find the photo album!” This is a call launched by Alsace-Moselle Memorial In Shirmek. Almost 80 years ago, between November 23, 1944, at Salles, and three days later, at Oberhaslach, American troops of the 3rd and 100th Infantry Divisions faced no major difficulties in liberating the Bruche Valley. except a few skirmishes Like Mollkirch, the Wehrmacht was no longer able to counter the American troops.

Memorial has just launched a appeal to residents who may have photographs or documents “Witness the events of the liberation of the Bruche valley, the progress of the troops, photographs of the towns and villages crossed from the Salles Pass to Oberhaslach and Niederhaslach, scenes of the damage caused to houses, mail, etc.”

in the eyes of liberation

These documents will be scanned and then used as part of the exhibition “Through the eyes of Liberation” dedicated to 80 years of the liberation of the Bruche Valley. will be held from 19 October to 19 December 2024 At the Alsace-Moselle Memorial in Shirmec.

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