Can Algerians really defy France and its sanctions?

Schengen visa: can Algerians really bypass France and its sanctions?

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Algerians are among its largest applicants schengen visa to France. The rejection rate for these applications is also high, especially since the end of 2022. Faced with this observation, can Algerians bypass France and go to another country to obtain a visa for the Schengen area?

Between 2017 and 2022, Algerian applicants submitted more than two million Schengen visa applications to France, the second largest number of visa applicants to France after the Chinese.

But at the same time, the rate of rejection of visa requests made by Algerians to French consulates is also high, despite the promises of the French authorities regarding the lifting of the imposed restrictions.

Despite France’s promises, visa restrictions for Algerians continue

Amidst the lack of appointments and restrictions imposed what has been described as ” visa crisis ” associated with Algerian undocumented immigrants In France, the chances for Algerian applicants to obtain a visa to France are decreasing.

However, France has announced a return to normality in the processing of applications from Algerians in December 2022. But the denial rate still remains high, particularly due to the sanctions, which are apparently still in place on the ground.

If France always tops the ranking of countries issuing the lowest number of Schengen visas, some other countries in the Schengen area are famous for being easy in terms of issuing this precious mole.

According to European Commission data, 6 member states of the Schengen area had a Schengen visa refusal rate less than or equal to 4% in 2020. These include Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Slovakia…

Schengen visa: can Algerians really bypass France?

These countries can therefore be a boon for Algerian applicants wishing to bypass France to obtain a Schengen visa. But in reality, things are much more complicated than that.

Actually, France receives Largest number of requests Schengen visa for Algerians, based on the division of roles between different European countries, which have not been named. In short, each country naturally welcomes more applicants than the other based on economic, historical, cultural ties, etc.

A European diplomat in Algiers explains that trying to bypass France in the event of a refusal, by submitting an application in another country, greatly reduces your chances of obtaining a visa.

The first thing the country receiving the request looks at is whether the applicant is not trying to deal with difficulties with France. So the request will first be studied from this point of view, and if it finds that this is the case, it will automatically reject it.

Simply put, unless the destination country finds that the applicant provides a valid reason for their travel after the first application has been filed in another country, it is unlikely that it will be approved.

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