Can Maprimrenov help me make my home more comfortable even in summer?

With climate change, the duration of heat waves is continuously increasing. Sleep, “Insulating walls, replacing windows and shutters makes it possible to combat both cold and heat in summer”Hugo Berthier, responsible for renovation projects at the Verlaine Group specializing in insulation, is highlighted.

Thermal insulation of walls from the outside as well as from the inside is eligible for the ‘MaPrimerRénov’ scheme, with assistance ranging between 15 and 75 euros per square metre. The same applies for the insulation of attic and roof terraces (also between 15 euros and 75 euros per square meter). And to replace single glazing, a grant of between 40 euros and 100 euros per window can be given, depending on the resources of the household.

Abroad, the protection of glass or opaque walls against solar radiation is also covered at 15 to 25 euros per square meter. Families with “high” resources are not eligible for this assistance.

ventilated cover

Appliances connecting to heating and cooling networks that use renewable energy are also subsidized by MaPrimeRénov between 400 and 1,200 euros. Abroad, ventilated cladding and roofing are eligible for between 40 and 75 euros per square metre.

In addition, within the framework of New large-scale renovation program established on 1er January 2024The National Housing Agency has announced that it wants to take summer comfort into account and help with the installation of air mixers and reversible heat pumps (including air-to-air) in the MaPrimeRénov’ system. “The installation of double flow ventilation is supported up to 2,500 euros”explains energy and energy renewables consultant Sylvain Le Falheur, co-founder of Hello Watt.

New Energy Audit, came into effect on 1er april, this summer comfort has to be kept in mind; If necessary, ventilation will be recommended in the first phase of work. Furthermore, in the context of large-scale renovation, My Renov Guide should check the adequacy between the ventilation system and the expected function.

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