Career Option: Poultry Producer

Ariane, what is the educational and professional background that led you to become a poultry producer?

To lay a foundation in business I completed a College Diploma in Administration (DEC). Thanks to guidance counselors, I discovered the profession of agricultural economist and I continued agricultural economics at McGill University with the professional agronomy option. Through my internship, I knew I wanted to return to work on the family farm and one day take over the business of my parents, who owned a poultry business.

what does your job involve?

Being a poultry farmer means taking care of birds every day. To get the right to breed chickens, I need a quota. I receive all my chicks at the same time and send them to the slaughterhouse at the same time, approximately 38 days after receiving them.

What does a day in your daily life look like?

Every morning, I make rounds to check the condition of my birds, food and water levels as well as the condition of the buildings. Even though we now have internet in our buildings, it doesn’t mean it has to be on site. If I don’t feel good in the coop, my birds won’t feel good either.

Depending on the time of year, I do outside maintenance, I work in the fields, I clean buildings between groups of my chickens or I fill out paperwork for our poultry monitoring. I end the day by checking that the birds didn’t leave anything behind during the night. I love what I do; It is diverse.

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