Airbnb fined 1.3 million euros

This process was initiated by the communes of the island of Oleron. Airbnb was accused of several violations related to the tourist tax. Airbnb was sentenced to a civil fine of more than 1.3 million euros in this regard of a new process Initiated by the Community of Communes of the Island of Oleron (Charente-Maritime) … Read more

In Île-de-France, nine measures to support developers in difficulty

During the construction of the Olympic Village in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) in December 2023. Thomas Samson/AFP The best way is to invite developers and investors to a series of breakfasts, which Stéphane de Fa, general director of Grand Paris Amenagement (GPA), chief public developer in the Île-de-France region, and Jean-Philippe Dugoin-Clément, its The Chairman has taken … Read more

Why does the eviction of HLM tenants, who are very wealthy, upset people?

According to Guillaume Kasbarian, more than 8% of HLM tenants are no longer eligible for social housing. But for some people, evicting them would destroy social housing. “Hypocrites”, “cynists”, “hypocrites”… the idea of ​​the government evicting them from their social housing was put forward tenants who have become very rich This sparked a wave of … Read more

Is your energy renovation work profitable?

The French are afraid to throw money down the drain By starting energy renewal work, Effie, which specializes in energy renewables, is introducing a system called Economy to measure the efficiency of energy renewables work. ,Economy measures the profit in energy and euros that a person earns after work», explains company president Frederick Utzmann. To … Read more

Falling prices and towards 3.5% rates

The Figaro Immo Show, recorded on Thursday, April 11, 2024, aired on the Figaro TV channel. How to Define Market Activity in April 2024? Corinne Berek: “We are currently Between thrill and embellishment, We are coming off a very bad year in 2023 in both the transaction and rental markets. Our 2024 isn’t off to … Read more

Can you inherit a house in a life annuity?

My father purchased a property as a life annuity, which I inherited, should I continue paying the annuity? during’a life annuity saleA seller (“annuitant”) transfers property to a buyer (“annuitant”) in exchange for the payment of an annuity, often until the seller’s death. Hence the practice of dealing with the effects of the latter’s death … Read more

A tenant who leaves the property in disrepair when moving out may have to pay additional rent

A landlord asked for several months’ rent after a tenant moved out. The Court of Cassation ruled in his favor. A tenant who leaves the accommodation in abnormal condition will be required to pay additional rent while the work is completed. According to this principle, the Court of Cassation ruled in favor of a landlord … Read more