CEO announces drop in catering prices and warns taxis

Algiers Airport: CEO announces drop in catering prices and warns taxis

Algiers Airport / by Skorzewiak / AdobeStock for VVA – Visa & Travel

Although it is the largest in Algeria, Houari Boumediene International Airport in Algiers displays several. delay » Which its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is trying to capture.

He told this during an interview Interview given to media DZ NewsWhere he looked at many topics including the price of products and services at the international airport.

Director of Algiers Airport had earlier discussed an agreement between the airport and traders aimed at reducing prices.

Algiers Airport: ” You can buy a bottle of water for 50 dinars ,

He revealed that the agreement has begun to bear fruit and ” That now in some airport cafeterias a bottle of water sells for 50 dinars ,

The CEO assured “ that he himself monitors and verifies whether the agreement is actually implemented “. according to him, “ There is already positive feedback »But there is still a way to go. , We’re not just going to lower the prices of water and coffee “, he revealed, ” food is always expensive ,

To reduce prices, the director of Algiers Airport announced that ” New pizzerias and fast food restaurants will open in the coming days and offer travelers the opportunity to purchase their food at a reasonable price, allowing other merchants to lower their prices. ,

Algiers airport taxis: CEO issues an ultimatum

The CEO of Algiers Airport also said “ He will meet taxi drivers after Eid Al Fitr “. He is surprised that “ The short journey from the airport to Algiers center costs 2,500 dinars » And condemns the fact that these taxi drivers ” to rob foreign tourists ,

In order to reduce the prices of the races offered by these professionals, the CEO intends to give them an ultimatum. , If they do not respect the rates set by the State regarding mileage, they will not stay in the airport “, he announced.

The CEO says he has ” warning already issued » To these taxi drivers, tell them that “ The prices they are charging are exorbitant prices… which is unacceptable at Algiers airport ,

, Even when departing from China, they use Algiers airport to fly to Europe ,

Furthermore, the director of Algiers Airport, who claims that the latter “ It is also used as a hub by travelers traveling from China to Europe. », indicated that this infrastructure is ready to welcome passengers under the best conditions during the period of Eid, Hajj, but also during the summer holidays.

Medioni also spoke about the need for ” Update Algiers Hub »By focusing on new technologies and artificial intelligence, it was revealed that “ The first test of automated check-in terminals is carried out » And they will be launched soon « on domestic flights ” in the first place.

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