Chablis pillar with 4000 bottles Meet Guy Alexandre in his cellar

Welcome to the cellar of Guy Alexandre, the Chablis pillar with four thousand bottles in Montpellier in the city of Venoy. An extraordinary place built with their own hands from the stones of Joux-la-Ville.

Located near the entrance to the crypt, the statue of Saint-Vincent watches over this place, which has attracted many celebrities from all four corners of France, be they artists, athletes, journalists or politicians.

A crypt that found many personalities

The list is long. very long. Many celebrities have visited Guy Alexander’s private cellar, Raymond Poulidor, Michel Loeb, Carlos, and Jean-Jacques Bourdin among many others. When the journalist found this magical place, he was wandering back and forth. He had looked carefully at Guy Alexander’s cellar, becoming fascinated. When he learned that the brewer had made it with his own hands, he became even more appreciative.

A place built from rock to stone

Guy Alexandre built his cellar with stones from Joux-la-Ville, which he himself discovered there. For one and a half years he sorted all these stones before collecting them. He explains to you that he used an excavator to build his basement.

A unique place with a brilliant Econais winemaker, whose work area Today it is managed mainly by his son, and who shares his passion with you through the microphone of Olivier Bordes.

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