Crazy project of Lloret de Mar hoteliers to save their swimming pools

While Catalonia has declared a state of drought emergency, and 97% of the hotels in this city on the Catalan coast are equipped with swimming pools, a solution is needed: sea water which requires a certain logistics.

The swimming pools of Lloret de Mar hotels will remain open this summer. And, better to say, they will be filled with water. In any other year, the information would be clearer. 97% of hotels in this city on the Catalan coast are equipped with swimming pools, making it the second most visited destination in the region. barcelona, In the absence of the Sagrada Familia, a match at the Camp Nou or a stroll on the Rambla, being able to take a dip without leaving the hotel represents, for professionals and visitors to Lloret, a basic service, almost as essential as lunch. Or bed. And yet, opening basins, small or large, in Catalonia is a challenge these days. Because the area has ordered drought state of emergency And prevents your hotels from filling or even raising the level of their swimming pools using tap water.

No problem, the Lloret Hotel will spend 1.5 million euros to buy a desalination machine and allow its guests to bathe in soft sea water. And other resorts in the autonomous community are considering doing the same. Enrique Dotras is the president of the professional association Grémie d’Hostelaria de Lloret de Mar, which has decided to take the bull by the horns to guarantee customers that they will be able to practice their crawls this summer.

,When the regional government announced the measures last January, we came together in a hurryhe tells Figaro, “We had to make decisions as quickly as possible and do everything we could to prevent customers from turning away from our city or our image being tarnished.”, Hoteliers first imagine filling their swimming pools with direct sea water. This is an option that the region allows. ,But the technicians told us that it was too complex, that we would have to adapt pumps, filters, stainless steel components, drainage systems… without forgetting that if all the hotels in Lloret did this, it would not happen this season. There should be enough equipment to serve everyone.,

tanker trucks mobilized

Hoteliers then move on to Plan B. If it is too complicated to adapt a swimming pool to sea water, then sea water will have to be adapted to a swimming pool. Desalination machines treat the water, and the latter will be delivered by tanker trucks to each hotel’s reservoir. Professionals also choose to jump without a net: they buy the plant instead of renting it, and choose a model that is capable of treating 50 cubic meters per hour, while their swimming pool needs are covered by 10 cubic meters. Will be done. ,We want to own the machine to have a competitive advantage over other destinations, justifies Dotras. Because there is no guarantee that device manufacturers and rental companies will be able to cope with the sudden increase in demand associated with region restrictions.

,If the administration authorizes us to supply our own toilets, investing in a 50m3 power plant may allow us., adds the hotelier. And placing an even lower burden on the consumption of the city and its residents. Delivery of the machine is scheduled for late May or early June. But swimming pools in Lloret are already open: while waiting for desalinated water, hotels have filtered and recycled last summer’s water, including for some rare showers.

A “time trial”

The Town Hall takes care of the administrative paperwork, while the financial costs are entirely borne by the private players in the sector. Of course, hotels, campsites and tourist apartments, which have up to 150 swimming pools to fill, but also professionals from related activities, restaurants or nightclubs, who understand that if hotels close their pools they also lose everything or almost Will lose everything. ,The urgency was to send a call for peace to tour operators and our direct customers : “Book your holidays with us, you can swim peacefully,” says the hotelier’s representative, who recalls that 25% of the overnight stays in Lloret are occupied by French clients.

Lloret is the destination where the de-Stalinization project is most advanced, but it is far from being the only project of interest. In Barcelona, ​​the local professional organization plans to rent a machine that will supply 150 to 180 swimming pools in the 460 hotels in the Catalan capital. ,It’s a time trial.”Recognized the newspaper as General Secretary of the Association el pais, In Lloret, the race seems to have been won and the sector is waiting for the summer in peace. ,Our reservation index allows us to predict figures better than before Covid», predicts Dotras.

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