Deployed in the background of controversies

Ryanair in Morocco: deployment against the backdrop of controversy

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Europe’s largest low-cost airline, Ryanair, enters Moroccan market amid controversy controversies,

Are the Moroccan authorities providing subsidies to the Irish low-cost airline?

After strengthening its presence in the Moroccan international market, Ryanair received agreement from the country’s authorities to operate domestic flights. The Irish airline is also planning to open a new base in Tangier with two aircraft.

Internationally, Ryanair plans to serve Morocco from 17 European countries this year. But its model, although based on low costs, hardly attracts Moroccans, especially the MRE, due to the prices of plane tickets.

Does Ryanair receive subsidies on its domestic flights from Morocco?

A photo of a one-way reservation between Rabat and Málaga costing 3,000 dirhams, or about €274, sparked outrage on social networks, raising questions about the company’s alleged subsidies.

In fact it is known that the Moroccan Tourism Office (ONMT) gives financial support to low-cost airlines, in order to encourage them to attract more foreign tourists to Morocco.

Facing controversy, Morocco’s Ministry of Tourism provided clarification on concerns regarding financial support given by ONMT to Ryanair for domestic flights.

In an update, reported by the newspaper this Saturday, April 6 DeskSupervision specifies whether or not ” No subsidies or financial contributions have been made to Ryanair to operate domestic flights in Morocco. This is established from the beginning and will remain unchanged ,

Does partnership with Ryanair create competition for Royal Air Maroc?

Another controversy arose over Morocco’s alleged demand for payment in euros for Ryanair’s domestic flights, despite the obligation to sell these flights in dirhams.

In this regard the Ministry states that “ Ryanair and its teams are actively working to resolve the issue of transactions that drain tourism funding ,

Regarding questions related to direct competition What the partnership with Ryanair will represent for Royal Air Maroc (RAM), the ministry states that the purpose of the partnership is nothing but ” Supplement ,

He noted in this regard that Ryanair flights do not overlap with national carriers, “ thereby contributing to the horizontal development of connectivity and interconnection between regions.

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