Does Air Algérie really implement the promotions declared on its plane tickets?

By Air Algerie / Cinebourg – VVA – for Visas & Travel

how to travel cheap air algeria , Many Algerian travelers in Algeria and abroad regularly ask themselves this question. Air Algerie promotions are scrutinized and as soon as they are announced, crowds flock to the Algerian airline’s reservation counter.

Air Algérie assured that it had launched 80 promotional offers in 2023, and promised to do the same during this year 2024. The national company did not fail to announce a 50% reduction on its tickets for flights to and from Algeria abroad during Ramadan and Eid. period as part of its latest promotion.

An Internet user doubts the veracity of the Air Algerie promotion

But does Air Algérie keep a sufficient number of promotional tickets on sale? Some customers of the national company remain doubtful about the veracity of the announced offers and promotions, especially because of the prices which are very expensive, but also because of the unavailability of flights on some routes, especially with France.

An Internet user condemns it Video shared on social networks, , Today, they tell you they started a promotion, two days later you go to book and they tell you it’s done “, he complains, making sure the plane takes off anyway. Empty ,

In addition to his doubts about the promotion, this Internet user points to the behavior of some employees of the national company. He also condemned “ Lack of respect and professionalism » which sometimes makes ” Passengers who have paid for their tickets find themselves left to their own devices at airports ,

It should be noted that during this Eid period, Air Alger ticket prices are expected to be affected by a 50% reduction. paris-algiers A one-way ticket on the Algerian national airline costs more than €300.

To justify its exorbitant prices, Air Algérie often uses the card of supply and demand, an argument that is increasingly being disputed, however, the logic of closing down the airline sector in Algeria now contradicts the laws of the market. Does.

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