Economics expert revealed the salaries of pilots

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Besides being exciting, the job of an airline pilot (captain or co-pilot) pays well and has many benefits depending on the airline. How much do national airline pilots make? air algeria ,

A very important pillar of the air transport sector, airline pilots earn a good living with almost all airlines. And the same is the situation with the captains and pilots of Air Algerie.

Here is the evolution of Air Algerie pilot salaries based on experience

First of all, it should be noted that the salary air algeria pilot Depends on many factors including experience and seniority. In a video, Dr. Kamel Dib, an economics expert and professor, tells everything about the salaries of Algerian pilots.

Citing a recently published study, he reported that the salary of a starting Air Alger pilot, who is usually a co-pilot on ATR aircraft operating domestic flights, is 200,000 Algerian dinars per month (or at the equivalent exchange At the rate is more than 800 euros).

After gaining a certain amount of experience and completing various training tests, he will be confirmed and his salary will increase to approximately 500,000 Algerian dinars per month (or more than 2,000 euros at the parallel exchange rate).

Economists specify that this salary increases gradually according to the accumulation of flight hours made by this pilot during the exercise of his functions with the Algerian airline.

Salaries of Air Algerie pilots on long-haul flights could reach up to 1.5 million dinars

According to the same speaker, pilots who operate long-haul flights have a different scale, which makes them very comfortable and much higher salaries. Flying long distances increases a pilot’s salary.

, This takes into account their abilities, their diplomas and their experience acquired in flying », explains Dr. Kamel Dib. According to him, the type of aircraft flown (Boeing or Airbus) and the duration of the trip also significantly influence the salaries of Air Algerie pilots.

For example, pilots aboard Boeing aircraft operate long-haul flights to China or Canada,” Earn between 800,000 DA and one million dinars per month », (ie between 3,300 and 4,100 euros).

on large aircraft types airbus a330 For example, the salaries of Air Algerie pilots providing long-haul flights, “ Can reach up to 1.5 million dinars (or 150 million dinars) », adds the expert.

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