Euro and dollar prices on the black market this Thursday, April 4

Algerian dinar: Euro and dollar prices on the black market this Thursday, April 4

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After crossing the symbolic limit of 240 Algerian dinars in the parallel currency market in Algeria, euro Appears to be struggling to go forward, without going down.

It is at the cost of many fluctuations that the single European currency remains close to its highest record ever recorded, which is 242.5 Algerian dinars to one euro, reached last February.

Parallel currency market in Algeria: slight decline in the euro against the Algerian dinar

Since this date, the euro has declined until its value reached 240.5 Algerian dinars on 20 March. On March 31, the single European currency returned to the uptrend and changed hands at 241.50 Algerian dinar.

After this rise, the euro fell again against 241 Algerian dinar today, April 4, 2024. A price that nevertheless remains quite high, knowing that in the same period last year one euro was exchanged for approximately 220 Algerian dinars.

On its part, the US dollar has maintained stability for several days. In fact, the greenback was already being exchanged at 223 Algerian dinar today, April 4, 2024, a rate that was already visible. mid last march,

Finally, on the official value side, the single European currency is exchanged against 144.90 Algerian dinar in the interbank quotations of the Bank of Algeria. The greenback is worth 134.54 Algerian dinar per US dollar.

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