Europe’s highest suspension bridge opened to public

Dizziness Avoidance! in the field ofumbriain the heart ofItaly, a new suspension bridge has recently opened. More precisely, it is a new pedestrian bridge, inaugurated at the end of March, located 175 meters above ground zero. The most adventurous should appreciate it, as it will reportedly be the highest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Europe official site, The Celano Tibetan Bridge connects two locations: Celano, a charming small medieval village located about an hour by car from the regional capital. perugiaAnd Montesanto, a village on the other side of the small Vigi Lake in the Valnerina Valley.

This “promenade” (it all depends on the point of view) is 517 meters long and even has a height of 68 meters. It takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes to cover it. To add more thrill, the Tibetan bridge offers walking on 1000 slats that are spread far enough so that you can see the void. Enough to please those few adventurers who want to venture there. But before you set out to conquer this suspension bridge, you still need to reserve a slot pay 25 euros, Candidates for the crossing, who must be at least 1m20 tall, are already equipped with harnesses to avoid the slightest safety problem.

Slots are open till May 5th

The suspension bridge can accommodate 90 people per time slot. To access it, simply visit Celano. With this new attraction, the mayor of this small Italian town in the province of Perugia intends to revive tourism in the region, which was severely affected by the 2016 earthquake that caused extensive damage to nearby villages . Currently, reservations are open till May 5. But new slots should become available soon.

The tradition of Tibetan bridges is not new in Italy. One of its most famous bridges, the Cesana Clavier, is often described as the longest suspension bridge in the world. It is located on the French-Italian border, a 20-minute drive from Briançon (Hautes-Alpes), and will reopen to the public in May.

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