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, What is amount in currency When entering Algeria, authorized without customs declaration? “. This is a question that often arises among Algerians abroad preparing to return to the country. Here is a detailed answer to it.

Summer, the peak period for travel to Algeria, is rapidly approaching. And like every year, the question arises regarding the amount of currency authorized for import by travelers.

Algerians wishing to carry large amounts of currency abroad remain constantly fearful on this topic, as they fear that their money will be seized by customs and subject to legal proceedings.

What is the legal amount of currency authorized to be carried into Algeria?

However, the law is very clear. Algerians living abroad are entitled to carry a sum of 1,000 euros when traveling to Algeria. No declaration obligation is required for this amount.

Beyond this amount, a declaration to the customs services of the airport or port of arrival is mandatory. In other words, all travelers are authorized to import currency without any limit on the amount, subject to fulfilling the declaration obligation.

When repeatedly asked about this, Samir Chabna, a journalist and former minister and deputy for the diaspora, has responded numerous times, calling on travelers not to be afraid to declare their currency if it exceeds €1,000.

, I constantly get this question: What is? fiat amount in currency which we can import when entering Algeria , », he indicates in a video posted on the social network this Sunday, April 14.

“I wonder why people are afraid to make customs declaration”

To end the confusion, he recalls that the law entitles travelers to Algeria to take with them a sum of 1,000 euros. , If you are traveling with €1,000 and the customs officer at the airport or port asks you if you have anything to declare, tell them you have nothing. “, he explains.

If the traveler is carrying a sum of more than €1,000, he or she must declare it to a customs officer and make a customs declaration. In this regard, it specifies that the passenger can carry as much currency as he wants, provided that he declares them at the Customs Department.

, Simply complete a Customs Declaration Certificate and deposit the amount in the bank with the same declaration. », the speaker explains.

Once deposited in the bank, he emphasizes that the concerned amount is always available to its owner. , I wonder why people are afraid to declare their foreign currency amount to customs », he concluded.

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