First hotel guide ranking revealed

Cheval Blanc castle in Paris received “3 keys” from Michelin during the first hotel ranking organized by the famous guide.
Stanislas Fautre / Le Figaro Magazine

Following the starred restaurants, this unique ranking includes a diverse selection of 189 hotels in France ranging from 3 to 248 rooms.

Michelin, famous for 124 years for its gastronomic guide, unveils it this Monday, April 8, following its famous restaurants. first hotel ranking, ,Keys in hotels were designed like stars in restaurantsUnderlines Gwendal Poulenc, International Director of the Michelin Guide. They single out those hotels from over 6,000 hotels around the world that promise an extraordinary stay. They celebrate this profession of welcome, hospitality and the services they provide, recommendations to travelers.,

Commitment, talent, resilience: The guide leader had to highlight the qualities of the given addresses in order to find out what is not on this list. ,The Michelin Key is not about putting forward a list of services, disclosing a hotel standard, or validating a list of services or services. This difference is the result of the field work of our inspection teams.,

Five criteria were retained

The winners of the first Clefs Michelin winners around Gwendal Poulenc, director of the Michelin Guide, at the restaurant Les Ombres on April 8 in Paris.
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Five criteria were retained. Gwendal Poulenc details: “First: a hotel is an opportunity to experience a place, an open door to a destination. Secondly, we will seek excellence in architecture, building, design and interior design. Third criterion: welcoming, personalization, that the hotel be maintained with care and continuity. Inspectors ensure consistency between price level and service, this is the fourth criterion. And finally, the fifth focuses on the experience, which, beyond the infrastructure and quality of service, must be unique, unique.

, These keys have the same philosophy, the same approach to the stars in the Restoration. There is no quota. These keys do not reward any checklist. There is real cultural openness here, a huge diversity of concepts. ,

Gwendal Poulenc, Director of the Michelin Guide

What do the keys correspond to? A key marks “a unique stay”, providing additional soul. The second key: the promise of an “extraordinary stay”, worth a detour. Third: the promise of an “extraordinary stay” that makes the hotel, the address, a true destination in itself. Gwendal Poulenc insists: “These keys have the same philosophy, the same approach to the stars in the Restoration. There is no quota. These keys do not reward any checklist. There is real cultural openness here, a huge diversity of concepts.,

24 hotels awarded Michelin “3 keys”

187 French hotels out of 610 recommended on the Michelin Guide website for France were distinguished as follows: 127 establishments received one key for “single stay”, 38 establishments received two keys for “exceptional stay”, and 24 hotels Received 3 keys for “An Exceptional Stay”. Some are independent family houses, others belong to large international chains. Delegates attended, moved, the awards list was unveiled at the Ombres restaurant in Paris.

  • Of the “1 major” hotels: ballu in paris, Murtoli property in Sartenay (Corsica), the hybrid farm of Matali Cresset in Villalor, the Castigno castle and village in Asssignan, the Fontevraud-l’Abbaye hotel and primordial estate In Gwenville.
  • For “2 Keys” hotels: Grand-Lucie PalaceThe chaise monet in the Cognac and Richeux palaces—the house of Bricourt in Saint-Meloir-des-Ondes and castelbrack In Dinard.
  • Among the selection of “3 Keys” were members of Villa La Coste, Four Seasons Paris, in Puy-Sainte-Réparde. fine control In the Palace of Versailles, Baumaniare in Baux-de-Provence and white horseThe first Parisian hotel of the LVMH group. Note that of the 12 establishments that benefit from the “Château” designation in Paris, only six have received three Michelin keys. And one of them, Mandarin OrientalNo difference was found.

This is available for free on the entire list digital guide platform”Whoever wants to be”A companion on the journey, from inspiration to options to support, not just a reference», declared Gwendal Poulenc. Before the dates of the next meetings for overseas hotel rankings are announced, meetings will be held in the United States on April 24, Spain on April 29, Italy on May 7 and Japan on July 4.

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